We undertake the responsibility to give back to the community on an ongoing basis. We support the following programmes and charities:

The Homestead: (projects for street children)

The Homestead provides prevention and early intervention programmes, street outreach and intake shelters, long-term residential and educational care, and family reconstruction and family preservation services. We even offer a job creation programme to help to economically stabilise vulnerable families.

Bare2Care Charity:

Bare2Care arranges a charity walk in speedos. All participants are encouraged to raise funds for the following charities

St Angelas Trust:

Whose purpose is to help disabled people with their rehabilitation through sporting programs and obtaining quality wheelchairs and prosthetics.


Sea Rescue is the charity that saves lives on South African waters. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is run by 940 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby day and night throughout the year.

Going Green:

Going “green” was always part of our vision while creating Cape Town coolest backpackers.
During the renovation and building we installed the following:

  • Efficient water heating (Heat Pumps)
  • Reduced water flow shower heads (Hotel standard 6liters per minute)
  • Energy efficient light bulbs
  • Recycled/re-claimed wooden furniture where possible
  • Recycling all waste (glass,paper,metals,food)
  • We are constantly improving our processes and encouraging guests to help where possible.